what I use today (2002)

For a complete story of the wonderful SCUBAPRO/UWATEC machines, as well for technical brochures and the rationale for bubbling levels, visit UWATEC's / Scubapro homepage

August 2002, Jens H. dives to 240 m at Hurghada

Bottom line is after diving a couple of thousand dives with a lot of different computers:

(***)well, you don't believe me? No problem: here is a citation of somebody well-known and considered as an expert. It is the DSAT Tec Deep Diver Manual on p. 163:

(PADI Product No. 79138 (12/00) Version 1, ISBN 1-878663-25-9)

"If you have not seen a dive computer failure, you have not been diving enough."

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