Bühlmann Symposium:
29. / 30. March 2019 in Zürich

  • Daniel Blickenstorfer, Switzerland: The use of the Zürich Hyperbaric Chamber Laboratory during the late period 1994 until today

  • Thomas Bühlmann, Switzerland: Diving Medical Research in Zürich 1959 to 1994

  • Livio De Toffol, Switzerland: Interview: Being guinea pig at 500 Meters

  • Frank Hartig, Austria: Bühlmann and funnel chest? What is the link?

  • Frank Hartig, Austria: Rapture of the deep, new insights and questions

  • Francis Héritier, Switzerland: Is diving a stress for pulmonary capillaries?

  • Peter Knessl, Switzerland: Bühlmann and diving medical societies

  • Jacek Kot, Poland: Extreme recreational diving: pushing the limits

  • Alessandro Marroni, Italy, DAN: The DAN Europe Diving Data Base: Diving Modalities, Habits,
    Echographic & Doppler Bubble Monitoring, Risk Factors, Incidents & Accidents.

  • Beat Müller, Switzerland: Tables for Mountain Lake Diving

  • Marc-Alain Panchard, Switzerland: Hyperbaric medicine research in Switzerland:
    an « à la Prévert » inventory.

  • Erich Russi, Switzerland: A.A. Bühlmann - beyond Diving Medicine

  • Albrecht Salm, Germany: History and Development of Decompression Algorithms

  • Albrecht Salm, Germany: Decompression Models: "DeMystifieD"

  • Albrecht Salm, Germany: bonus material for D-A-CH participants (german)

  • Ernst Voellm, Switzerland: Bühlmann-Algorithms for Dive Computers

  • Jürg Wendling, Switzerland: Bühlmanns sat diving algorithm and deep mixed tables
    - how they changed practice in occupational diving?

  • Jürg Wendling, Switzerland: Milestones of the deep diving research laboratory Zurich

  • Christian Wölfel, Switzerland: 500 m + DEEP DIVE Simulations in Zürich

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